Monday, July 30, 2007

Completed project

Just thought I'd post what I completed on that day I had to myself. I turned a small black/red composition notebook into a small journal for myself. I also completed a few scrapbook pages which was a huge achievment for me.
I had a wonderful stamping time yesterday with my friend Tanya. We're involved in a Stampin Up Spring Mini Catatogue swap. I'll post our cards as soon I take a picture. I'll also be able to let you know more about the Spring Mini Catalogue that becomes available on August 1st.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

July 21st 2007

Here is what July 21st 2007 looked like at 7:00 am. We were one of the hundreds (thousands?) of people at the bookshops for the launch of the last Harry Potter book. I loved the way so many dressed up for the occasion....especially the adults. There were a few Harrys, some Hermiones, a couple Rons, a few handmade Nimbus 2000s, a Snape, a Viktor Krum and lots of really clever looking Muggles.
There is no way Christopher will be reading this last book until he's much older though. We have read up to book 4 together and then stopped as it was starting to get a bit old for him. I, on the other hand, could not put the books down and have read them all. Christopher loved being able to dress up in his Gryffindor robe and have people call him Harry for the day. The balloon he's holding says "#1 Harry Fan".

Serious "Me" Time

Here I am in my craft room, ALONE, myself......without any kids, having a fun, creative time with my some of my favourite things. Christopher and 2 friends are happily playing in the next room. I've got my coffee (check), got music (check), got some new products to play with (check)......I'm in heaven! Please do not disturb!

Monday, July 16, 2007

A Taste of Summer

Just thought I remind you of what summer looks like. Well for me anyway, strawberries, kiwifruit and blueberries sum up the perfect summer snack. I made this fruit pizza last weekend for my brother's engagment pary. It was SUPER yummy, and such a treat on that c...c...c...cold, wet winter day.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Morning Visitors

I woke up this morning to find these beautiful visitors outside my kitchen window. My indoor cat really enjoys watching them too, although she is petrified of them! I hang bird seed clusters from a few branches around the backyard to provide some good "Cat T.V." for her, and we get to enjoy watching the birds too!

Why Me?

Some days I REALLY don't feel like being the brave one in my home. I know....I isn't even that big! I'm much better with these things than I was years ago....but still......Any bigger than this and I call my dad!

Monday, July 09, 2007

My Birthday

Yes....the dreaded day arrived last week where I turned another year older. Sigh......

I met my wonderful friend Gab in Civic for a HUGE breakfast at one of our favourite cafes, Dobinsons. In the evening, my mom made a delicious lasagna and my brother-in-law Joe made individual chocolate crème brulees (sp??). We all got to melt the tops of them ourselves with Joe and Mary's fun torch thingy......sorry....don't know what its called! They were SO melt-in-the-mouth divine!!! Notice the nice orange stained mouth of Christopher.....lasagna is his favourite as well.

My Happy Place

Woke up this morning to the sounds of little boys laughter, plans of building a great city and the voices of miniature cars talking to each other. LOVE the imagination of little boys!
Christopher had a friend (Caleb) sleep over last night. It was Caleb's first ever sleep over at a friends home and it was also the first sleep over Christopher has had in a VERY LONG TIME. I'm now sitting here at the computer answering emails, reading the websites that I love to visit, with a hot cup of coffee, completely uninterrupted. Bliss! Wonder if Dave and Heather would notice if I kept Caleb for the entire school holidays???
Off to make some pancakes........

July Stampin Up Special & Watercolouring

I think I have surprised myself, and hopefully you, by having my monthly newsletter to you before the middle of the month! I'm just really excited about this month's Stampin Up Special as it seems really applicable with all the wet weather we've been having. July is all about Watercolouring! I like to show some basic watercolouring techniques in my workshops, but in this newsletter I want to show you how to take your watercolouring a step further with the amazing crayons and pencils that Stampin Up have.
These watercolour pencils come in a pack of 24 vibrant colours. You can use these pencils on their own to colour in your stamped images (see image 1.) or by simply using a blender pen, turn them into a watercoloured work of art! (see image 2.)


Using the crayons also adds a rich coloured image to your cards and scrapbook pages. Check the photos below where I have used an Aqua Painter to pick the colour up off the crayons and paint it onto the stamp. The aqua painter contains water, so the more water you squeeze to the tip of the painter, the more watery the image will be. Its up to you! And you can easily clean these stamps using your stampin scrub and mist as you would when using ink. Its that easy!

For this month only, you can buy a single colour-family pack of Watercolor Wonder Crayons or Watercolor Pencils for 25 percent off with a $50 purchase. If you're interested in this special (shown below with the discounted price), please have all orders to me by July 30th.

Bold Brights Watercolor Wonder Crayons $29.21
Earth Elements Watercolor Wonder Crayons $29.21
Rich Regals Watercolor Wonder Crayons $29.21
Soft Subtles Watercolor Wonder Crayons $29.21
Neutrals Watercolor Wonder Crayons $14.21
Watercolor Pencils $28.46

Now for those of you who know this catalogue like the back of your hand, you'll have noticed the stamp I've used in images 1 & 2 is something you haven't seen before. Yes there are some fun things to look forward to in the coming months... and I've just given you a sneak peak. There will also be more sneak peaks throughout this month, posted here on my blog.

I would LOVE to see what you create with your stamps, so please email me a picture sometime. I get most of my own inspiration and ideas from what others create. So please show me what you're making!